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 One More Time ~Oneshot~

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Le chevalier blanc
Le chevalier blanc

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One More Time ~Oneshot~ Empty
PostSubject: One More Time ~Oneshot~   One More Time ~Oneshot~ Icon_minitimeSun Oct 26, 2008 5:29 am

A Hotaru x Hiiran fic, Refer to Tennis Cantabile.

I entered her room, lined by moonlight was her white grand piano that lay near the balcony. Her head was rested against her arms which distanced her pale face from the ivory keys which glowed blue in the moonlight. The silence was beautiful as I slowly held her in my arms. Her pale hair almost looked white in the light. I caressed her slightly tinted cheek and smiled.

Behind those closed eyes, who are you dreaming of?

Is it the person who dreams of you even with his eyes open?

Her head rested against my shoulder and I felt her shuffle against me. Her eyes opened slowly and I looked right into them. The most beautiful shade of maroon, much like my own yet more vivid than mine. I had a brief flashback to when we were kids, when we first realized we weren’t like the others. We weren’t like the others because all we needed was each other.
All I ever needed was you.

All I ever wanted was you.

She opened her mouth to speak, her lips glistening despite the fact that she had just awoken.


She didn’t say anything. Her sleepy eyes said everything she wanted to say to me. I wrapped one arm around her waist as did she did. The exquisite lining of her night dress looked like plain cotton in comparison to her skin.

She reached for my face and caressed it, pulling herself near me and planting a light kiss on my cheek. I’m falling for you all over again. Why do you have to torture me? Why must you be so beautiful to me? Why do you make me so selfish?

I scooped her off the chair and carried her bridal style around her room. She giggled, her voice like velvet as it rung in my ears. I initiated a one man waltz, with her just hanging on to me as I took the steps across the cold marble floor which didn’t faze me as she was in my arms.

We landed on her bed, the night pressing on as our bodies became one.


I awoke alone as usual. Why did I have to awaken from this blissful dream? Why have you disappeared from me? Ever since the entrance into that blasted academy things have been so different for us. Can’t you see that I love you?

We’ve only been attending this academy for a short while and yet, I hate it so much. I walked out of my room, my footsteps echoing in the massive empty hallway. I haven’t seen her for days. Where are you now?

Where are you now?

I stopped myself from screaming that out loud. I looked out from the floor length window. I was on the fourth storey of this massive estate. Alone. Why was I always forgotten? Why was I always the one left behind?

I contemplated.

I realized something.



I called out as I entered the gates, I expected to hear the Television turned on or something. Nothing. No sound at all. Perhaps he was out?
I swayed from corridor to corridor until I came to Hiiran’s wing of the house.

There was a broken window.

A broken window.

On the fourth storey.

It was quiet.


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One More Time ~Oneshot~
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