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 Lost your password?

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Seigaku no Buchou~Wacky side of Tezuka

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PostSubject: Lost your password?   Lost your password? Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 12:34 am

So you lost your password. Forgot it? Some mean person changed it? Either way, I am here to help.

Before I even bother to help you myself, I suggest you should go see the FAQ.

If you did, well done. But if you got confused or it didn't work for some reason, that is where I come in.

First of all, Private Message me, or email me at

I advice you to PM me first. If no reply in atleast a day, Email me then. Still no reply? Then email me on lowenrocha[at]yahoo[dot]com. ( I did that to prevent spam. Just change the [at] to @ and [dot] to . ) That is my PERSONAL email.

So don't spam me on that! I'm helping you myself! If you did all that in one day, I will kill not help you. Deal with the problem yourself.

Now before you go do the above. The subject MUST be: "I lost my password" Or something similar to that. That's all. But if I see that line, and the contents is spam, I will ban you for a week. ( Yes I am serious. This is my serious talk )

That was step two. Step three is easier. All you have to do is OBEY what I will say to you. Because if you don't, no password for you! So don't screw up!

Anyway, my reply to you will usually have mockery in the first sentences. After that, is your new password. ( You don't have to keep it, you can change it afterwards. )

Now step three is: Log in with the new password. See? isn't that easy?

Now if you were too lazy to read that, heres a summary:

Step One: Go see the FAQ.

Step Two: PM/Email me. Subject MUST be "I lost my password"

Step Three: Do what I say in my reply to you.

That is all.

Lost your password? Fuji03-Copy
This is Fuji. He's cute. He makes me fangirl. So back off before I ban you Big Grin
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Lost your password?
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